We will be locating sewer man holes for an upcoming sewer study over the next couple of months. Village DPW workers may be in or around your property during this time. If you have any concerns please call the Dept. of public works (DPW) at 657-7319.

Town Board Committees


Finance Committee

Linda Dworaczyk, Chairperson

Joseph Delforte

Doug Finch

Kristine Singer

Samantha Pierce

Planning Committee

Terry Fennelly, Chairperson

Al Kraus

Tom Schwartz

Jim Fletcher

Economic Development Committee

Greg Westbrook, Chairperson

Oksana Fuller, Co-Chairperson

Members of the Economic Development Project Team

Doug Finch

Sarah Reynolds

Environmental Committee

Kevin Reynolds, Chairperson

Joyce Marthaller

Michael Bloom

Chris Lyon

Ordinance Committee

Gary Davis, Chairperson

Bob Hilliard

Eric Cooper

Sarah Reynolds

Citizens' Implementation Committee

Sarah Reynolds, Chairperson

Tom Schwartz

Oksana Fuller

Kelly LaVoie

Joyce Marthaller

Patricia Venezia

Gary Davis

Doug Finch

Ray Henry

Complete Streets Committee

Gary Davis, Chairperson

Kelli Poisson

Adeline Rudolph

Tom Schwartz

Jim Fletcher

Sarah Reynolds

Drainage Advisory Committee

Charles Oyler, Chairperson

Richard Krebs

Kathy Page

Jim Fletcher

Chris Jensen

Special Events Committee

Oksana Fuller, Chairwoman

Linda Dworaczyk

Lois Golbeck

Debbie McNaughton

Ed Varno

Kim Fletcher

Dennis Brewer